About Us

Musi wa Mohlaka was founded in March 2016. We are wholesalers specializing in industrial and mining supplies including paint, and chemicals. We supply Road Safety and Personal Protective Equipment through our unique partnership with Pienaar Bros who are the market leaders in the country.

We have a dedicated fuel and lubricant supply wing licensed by the Department of Energy to sell Aviation Gasoline, Biofuels, Diesel, Jet Fuel, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Paraffin and Petrol. We are situated in Gauteng and Limpopo. The company is 51% female owned. Musi wa Mohlaka is BEE Status Level 1.

Social Responsibility

We feel that our greatest responsibility is supplying products that reduce our carbon footprint. We’re constantly looking for new ways to make our operations more efficient, environmentally friendly and harmless to the surrounding dessert communities.


We are committed to supplying only the highest quality products made from natural and organic ingredients. Our aim is to save everyone all their unnecessary expenses and the most precious commodity, time.


We are committed to knowing about all the possible problems and their relevant solutions in the industrial sector, we have created a network that know about all the ins and outs of mining sectors, power stations, construction, you name it, and we have never failed in finding solutions that run at peak efficiency.